HFTN Youth Council Call for Actors: 1 in 3 Abortion Stories Play

Healthy+Free TN Youth Leadership Council and Creative Resistance is putting on a staged reading of "Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3." 

Inspired by real abortion stories from the 1 in 3 women in the U.S. who will have had an abortion in their lifetime, "Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3" confronts the cacophony of polarizing political rhetoric that surrounds abortion and instead asks us to listen to the voices of women and to explore with them the situations, relationships, emotions and logistics that contextualize their decisions to seek abortion care.

Composed of a series of vignettes, Out of Silence, is at times heartbreaking, funny, and even commonplace but always thought provoking and honest.

We will be casting for five characters (four folks with vaginas, one without, with the potential to shift according to needs)
If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Shawn Reilly at [email protected].

Participants should be prepared to read from the Out of Silence script. **ALL AUDITIONING PARTIES MUST RSVP BY EMAILING SHAWN AT [email protected] IN ORDER TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT*

Show date: Thursday March 30th at 7:00 p.m. (to be confirmed)

Any and all questions, inquiries, and concerns can be sent to Shawn at [email protected]. Please share widely with any and all folks who may be interested in auditioning. No experience required, we will work with you if you are casted! We are also accepting help for the production of the show. If interested, please e-mail Shawn.

Protect HIV Funding Today!

Shelby County politicians are playing politics with people's health by threatening to end a successful HIV prevention program in Memphis just because Planned Parenthood runs the program. Sign this petition to show your opposition to putting politics before people's health. 

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Anna Yocca Released from Jail After Pleading Guilty to 19th Century Anti-Abortion Statute


Tennessee officials have again demonstrated their commitment to punishing pregnant people for their pregnancies and outcomes. After claims that Murfreesboro resident Anna Yocca attempted to give herself an abortion in her home, Rutherford County Prosecutors aimed first to convict Ms. Yocca with attempted murder and then with fetal assault (yes, the same fetal assault law that sunset in July 2016). Failing to gain legal ground on either charge, prosecutors dug up two ancient pre Roe v Wade laws that criminalize abortion and carry felony penalties. After being incarcerated for over a year while awaiting trial, on January 9th 2017 Anna Yocca pleaded guilty to "attempted procurement of a miscarriage" in exchange for immediate release from jail. Read a joint press statement below from National Advocates for Pregnant Women and Healthy and Free TN for more context and implications. 

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6 Ways to Kickoff Legislative Session 2017

January 10th marks the first day of Tennessee’s 2017 legislative session and the 110th General Assembly.

As advocates, we bear the continued responsibility to envision and fight for reproductive and sexual health care access, sex education, and economic and judicial policies that support the whole health and wellbeing of all Tennesseans and our communities. Over the past four years, Healthy and Free Tennessee partners and supporters have fought against a rapidly rising tide of discriminatory and anti-health laws written and approved by our state legislature.

In spite of these laws--laws meant surely to divide, silence, devastate and starve the majority of Tennesseans--HFTN partners and supporters have grown stronger, more coordinated and resolved to nurture a sustained statewide and unapologetic movement for reproductive freedom.

Now more than ever we commit to a present and future where we all have access to the resources we need to make informed choices about our health without stigma, shame or discrimination. We vision, fight, and build best when our movements are cross-issue, diverse, safe for the most vulnerable and directly impacted, and willing to confront hard truths not solely about our opposition but also about our own tendencies and struggles. This year, Healthy and Free TN recommits to showing up, supporting, and sustaining opportunities for all Tennesseans and our local and statewide movements for freedom and justice to grow in collective strength, power, and health. 

Here are 6 ways to kickoff 2017 and the

legislative session 

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