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Reproductive Freedom And… is produced by Healthy & Free Tennessee. Healthy & Free Tennessee is a non-profit organization that strives to promote sexual and reproductive health and freedom in Tennessee by advancing policies and practices which recognize these elements as essential to the overall well-being of all individuals and communities. This podcast highlights the many issues that make up the topic of reproductive freedom, as it is about so much more than just the traditionally thought of topics of abortion and contraception. Each episode covers a different aspect of reproductive freedom, since it cannot be narrowly understood. While these episodes by no means cover every aspect of reproductive freedom, the goal of this podcast is to show listeners how these issues affect people of all different backgrounds and in many different situations. If you would like to learn more about Healthy & Free Tennessee and our mission, visit us at healthyandfreetn.org or find us on Facebook (Healthy and Free Tennessee), Instagram (@healthyfreetn), or Twitter (@HealthyFreeTN).

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Episode: Reproductive Freedom And... Incarceration 

In this first episode, Briana Perry and Anna Carella interview three advocates who work at the intersections of reproductive freedom and incarceration. Alex Chambers and Jawharrah Bahar, from the organization Free Hearts, speak about the lack of reproductive freedom in jails and prisons and personal experiences of pregnancy and parenting while incarcerated. Erica Perry, a movement lawyer and former organizer with the Official Black Lives Matter Memphis Chapter, discusses the Black Mama’s Bail Out and the End Money Bail Campaign. Interview recorded in 2019. You can find more information about Free Hearts on their website (freeheartsorg.com), Instagram (@freeheartsorg), Twitter (@freeheartsorg), or Facebook (Free Hearts). You can find more information about Official Black Lives Matter on their website (blacklivesmattermemphis.com), Instagram (@official_blmmemphis), Twitter (@Blmmemphis), or Facebook (The Official Black Lives Matter Memphis Chapter). You can find more information about Black Mama's Bail Out and the End Money Bail Campaign on their website (nationalbailout.org) or Facebook (National Bail Out). Access the full transcript here

Episode: Reproductive Freedom And... Birth Workers

Briana Perry and Anna Carella interview two birth workers in Memphis who are responding to the need for more equitable access to birth services and care for Black women and people to address the disparities that Black and other communities of color face. Dr. Nikia Grayson, a family nurse midwife, anthropologist, and public health activist, speaks of her experience working for over ten years in public health and serving and empowering people in marginalized communities. Mia Peake, a birth doula, Program Manager at Abortion Care Network, and founder of Peake Women’s Wellness, speaks of her work to expand the full range of birth control options in abortion clinics across the country. Interview recorded in 2019. Access the full transcript here.

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