Register To Vote Or Update Your Registration

Tennessee allows voters to register online. Healthy and Free Tennessee is participating in CivicTN's Proud Voter campaign to get our supporters registered and turned out to vote. Click HERE to register to vote online, to update your registration if you have recently moved, to verify that your registration is still current, or to sign up for election reminders. Tennessee conducts periodic purges of the voter rolls so it's worth checking that you are indeed registered. For a full Tennessee election calendar, visit the TN Secretary of State's website. Find your polling place here: 

Have you lost your right to vote due to a felony conviction? In some cases, people with felony convictions can have their right to vote restored in Tennessee. American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN) provides a way for people to find out whether or not they are eligible to restore their right to vote. ACLU-TN will also provide you with the appropriate resources for your particular situation, and if applicable, will help you with the process for restoring your voting rights. If you think this applies to you, go to ACLU-TN's website to fill out their intake form here.

Get registered and go vote, y'all!

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