Healthy and Free Tennessee is a coalition of agencies, organizations, and individuals working together to promote sexual health and reproductive freedom in the state of Tennessee. We support the right of all Tennesseans to:

  • Make private decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, free from intrusion or coercion by any government, group, or individual.
  • Access a full range of safe & affordable sexual and reproductive health care along with accurate information about their health care options.
  • Be free from discrimination on the basis of their reproductive life decisions.

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    What’s At Stake When We Call a Fetus a Person

    Not every pregnancy ends in a live birth. Some estimates show that nearly half of all pregnancies end in miscarriages, 1 in 160 end in stillbirths or fetal deaths, and 18% end in abortion. When these outcomes happen, sometimes family members and the state look for someone to blame. No one should be punished for experiencing a pregnancy loss or exercising their legal right to an abortion. But when a fetus, and even an embryo, is determined to be a legal person, that can happen. In Tennessee, it already did.
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    Doula Resolution Unanimously Voted Out of Subcommittee; Virtual Day on the Hill, a Big Success

    This week, like in years past, advocates from across the state joined together to advocate for reproductive freedom at the Capitol. Adapting to COVID, this year was entirely virtual. Kicking off our day on the hill, Nina gave a grassroots lobbying training on Monday night, walking participants through the Tennessee government, reproductive freedom policy work, and practicing real life scenarios in preparation for their meetings with legislators the next day.
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