Mission, Vision, & Values

Healthy and Free Tennessee's work is to grow a movement for reproductive justice across race, class, and gender by bringing new people into the movement, developing skills and capacities, and building connections across organizations and sectors. We push back against and dismantle existing systems of oppression, while utilizing creativity and innovation to build new systems that meet the needs of the communities in Tennessee.

We envision a joy-filled, abundant, interdependent world in which all people can thrive and be free from oppression. We envision a world where everyone has the space and autonomy to make decisions for themselves and their families within their communities. We seek to bring about a world that values connection, safety, rest, and pleasure, and that harmonizes with Mother Earth.

These core values inform how we make decisions about our work. They are meant to keep us grounded and for accountability to our community. All of our decisions should be rooted in one or more of these values.  

We strive to:

  • Center the leadership and leadership development of women and people of color. 
  • Center the Reproductive Justice framework.  
  • Commit to centering anti-oppression work and dismantling White supremacy.  
  • Be transparent with partners. 
  • Honor the lived experiences of those most directly impacted by issues, and create space for those directly impacted to share their experiences. 
  • Support the work of partners.  
  • Cultivate/invest in new reproductive justice leaders and provide the necessary training/professional development opportunities to support their leadership. 
  • Commit to practicing transformative justice, which is a framework that addresses the root causes of harm (including oppression and marginalization) and imagines alternatives to punitive measures. These alternatives include community based practices that are rooted in healing and seek to ensure that everyone’s basic needs are met.