Hadleigh Speaks out Against SB 1180 as a Result of her Pregnancy Loss

Hadleigh Tweedall shares her intimate story of her wanted pregnancy loss which has informed her decision to speak out in opposition to SB 1180, an extreme abortion ban bill which the TN legislature is currently debating. Read on to hear her story. 

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Big Policy Changes for Abortion in TN and 3 Easy Steps to Protect Access

Late last week news broke that two abortion restrictions will no longer be enforced in Tennessee. This week the legislature will vote on a current abortion ban bill that the Tennessee Attorney General recently said is "constitutionally suspect." Will the legislature choose to disregard the top legal opinion in our state and continue to waste taxpayer money and resources to push abortion access further out of reach? Read on to learn more and take 3 easy actions before the abortion ban bill is heard tomorrow!

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Big Announcement: HFTN Transitions

Our coalition was first formed in 2012 as an idea brought to life under the leadership of Rebecca Terrell, Executive Director of CHOICES Memphis Center for Reproductive Health. Leaders from across the state came together to affirm the need of a statewide coalition that would bring progressive organizations and people together who understood that full rights and equality of reproductive freedom and sexual health is imperative to people’s ability to have full autonomy over their lives.  

Since then HFTN has grown into a strong and respected force within our state, and we’re incredibly grateful to all who have been leaders within our coalition. We’re excited to announce a big transition in leadership. Read more to hear from staff themselves.

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Take Action TODAY for Abortion Access and LGBTQ Equality

The legislature is in full swing this week trying to erode Tennesseans' bodily autonomy and ability to make our own decisions about our lives and health. Fortunately, together with our coalition partners and allies, we have many opportunities to speak up and show up for each other. Read on and take action today!

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