Relaunch of "All Families Valued" Platform

Healthy and Free is excited to announce the relaunch of our "All Families Valued" platform. Some of you may remember that NARAL was in Tennessee last year on a Total Access TN tour to workshop a platform across the state that would lift up our values around reproductive health. Together, HFTN and NARAL decided it made sense for HFTN to take over as lead of the platform since we are a state-based coalition with a grassroots base of support. One of Anna and Briana's first tasks as new Co-State Directors is to pick up the platform where we left off last year. 

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Response to the Legislative Passage of Extreme Abortion Ban Bill

Statewide Coalition Responds to the Legislative Passage of HB 1189/SB 1180, the Extreme Abortion Ban Bill

(Nashville, TN) Statement by Anna Carella, Co-State Director of Healthy and Free TN on today's passage of HB 1189/SB 1180, an abortion ban bill which the TN Attorney General has said is constitutionally suspect, as well as coming on the heels of the decision to stop enforcing two current TN abortion restrictions due to state litigation. 

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Hadleigh Speaks out Against SB 1180 as a Result of her Pregnancy Loss

Hadleigh Tweedall shares her intimate story of her wanted pregnancy loss which has informed her decision to speak out in opposition to SB 1180, an extreme abortion ban bill which the TN legislature is currently debating. Read on to hear her story. 

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Big Policy Changes for Abortion in TN and 3 Easy Steps to Protect Access

Late last week news broke that two abortion restrictions will no longer be enforced in Tennessee. This week the legislature will vote on a current abortion ban bill that the Tennessee Attorney General recently said is "constitutionally suspect." Will the legislature choose to disregard the top legal opinion in our state and continue to waste taxpayer money and resources to push abortion access further out of reach? Read on to learn more and take 3 easy actions before the abortion ban bill is heard tomorrow!

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