Relaunch of "All Families Valued" Platform

Healthy and Free is excited to announce the relaunch of our "All Families Valued" platform. Some of you may remember that NARAL was in Tennessee last year on a Total Access TN tour to workshop a platform across the state that would lift up our values around reproductive health. Together, HFTN and NARAL decided it made sense for HFTN to take over as lead of the platform since we are a state-based coalition with a grassroots base of support. One of Anna and Briana's first tasks as new Co-State Directors is to pick up the platform where we left off last year. 

What is the platform? 
For years, conservative rhetoric has dominated the conversation about what it means to be "pro-family." Because of a vocal conservative minority, our supporters have been playing defense for far too long. The project seeks to reclaim the "pro-family" narrative and define the conversation on our terms by launching a statewide, progressive, values-based platform called All Families Valued Platform

Why do we need a platform?
Reproductive health is a foundational progressive value, but all too often, it is not included in the progressive agenda. Reproductive health needs to be a leader in shoring up progressive support across the state and our coalition is uniquely resourced to do just that. There is an opportunity for Tennessee to advance an agenda that highlights equality for all. A platform is a way to surface our supporters, educate the public about how issues of justice are intersectional, and engage with elected officials as we continue to push for policies that support all Tennesseans. 

Why should you sign on?
We want to show progressive, pro-family, pro-choice Tennesseans that they are not alone. This platform creates a space for allies and champions to publicly declare support of our priorities like reproductive rights, economic security, and access to affordable health care. We hope that you won't just sign the platform, but that you will use the platform for conversations with friends, family, and coworkers. 

Read the platform and add your name today here to say that you support healthy communities where people have autonomy over our bodies and lives, as well as economic policies that ensure that we are able to make full decisions for ourselves and our families. 

In solidarity,
Anna & Briana

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