YLC Internship Description


The goals of Healthy and Free Tennessee’s Youth Leadership Council are to:

  1. Mobilize young people to end the culture of shame and stigma that people are made to feel about sexual and reproductive health issues that intersect with abortion access including sex education, HIV decriminalization, pregnancy and birthing options, LGBT identity and work toward building a culture of empathy and support

  2. Create a space where young people feel comfortable coming forward and sharing their experiences with abortion access and other reproductive health issues, which can include pregnancy and parenting, sex education HIV status, LGBT identity, in their communities and on campuses

  3. Increase public awareness and support of abortion access, pregnancy and parenting options, sex education, HIV, LGBT identity as well as other sexual and reproductive health issues

  4. Educate the media on issues related to sexual and reproductive health

  5. Advocate for policies that promote access to reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy on a local and national level, which can include abortion access, sex education, pregnancy and parenting options, HIV Decriminalization, and LGBT equality



Healthy and Free Tennessee Youth Leadership Council members must demonstrate the interest, capacity, and resources to organize strategic, meaningful campaign actions on their college campuses or within their communities.

Applicants interested in becoming a member of Healthy and Free TN’s Youth Leadership Council must:

  • Commit to a year (Fall 2017-Summer 2018) of leadership on the council

  • Be familiar with the principles of organizing or willing to learn and further develop organizing skills

  • Be willing to use and strengthen communication skills. This includes speaking to groups, the media, and community members; additionally, writing, blogging, and utilizing social media

  • Be available for monthly group check-ins and bi-weekly individual check-ins

  • Be able to coordinate events on campus and in the greater community about abortion access and other reproductive health issues

  • Have a strong framework and analysis of power, privilege, and oppression and the willingness to further understand intersections of reproductive rights and sexual health

Council Members will:

  • Receive a small stipend for their work on the council as well as financial coverage for all council related travel and lodging

  • Identify and collect at least 3-5 abortion stories for the 1 in 3 website

  • Participate in any of Healthy and Free TN’s or 1 in 3 actions (Week of action in October 2017 and April 2018)

  • Organize one large scale event to raise awareness about and/or mobilize support for abortion access, legislation related to reproductive freedom (HIV Decriminalization, LGBT Rights, Comprehensive Sex Ed, or the campaign itself; this can be part of the 1 in 3 week of action)

  • Collect 50 signatures in support of abortion access for the 1 in 3 campaign

  • Participate in monthly conference calls and one-on-one check-ins with Healthy and Free TN staff

  • Curate media content regularly (at least once a week); this includes op-eds, letter-to-the-editor, Facebook posts/live events, Instagram posts, videos, pictures, and media interviews

  • Submit monthly reports to Healthy and Free TN staff

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