Tennessee All Families Valued Platform

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Read the platform below and add your name today to say that you support healthy communities where people have autonomy over our bodies and lives, as well as economic policies that ensure that we are able to make full decisions for ourselves and our families. Tell our elected officials that these are family values and that we expect policies that reflect this platform. 


Tennessee succeeds when communities and families thrive. However, a lot of Tennesseans are struggling to make ends meet because our freedom to determine our futures is being restricted.

We are tired of the hypocrisy of those who claim to be champions of family values, but do little to lift up policies that actually support the average Tennessean. Data show that reproductive rights and economic security are intrinsically linked, and Tennessee will be stronger when all of us have equal opportunity to succeed.

We believe that upholding family values means fully defending the human rights of Tennesseans with necessary policies that expand access to abortion and birth control as well as policies that ensure all Tennesseans have the economic security to raise healthy, vibrant families. All of us deserve culturally competent health care and the right to make reproductive decisions free of government interference.

This platform represents the shared values of a strong coalition of stakeholders and individuals across the state. Joining us in support of this platform is an opportunity to move Tennessee towards increased justice and equality for all of its residents, particularly women, and especially women of color, our youth, LGBTQ individuals, undocumented residents, refugees and incarcerated people. 

Together we stand….

FOR FREEDOM: Ensure Self-Determination and Freedom from Oppression and Reproductive Coercion. Family values means standing up against efforts to criminalize pregnant, birthing, and parenting people including those living with HIV and sex workers, because all of us should be empowered to make our own decisions about our health care free from government or medical coercion, stigma, or racism.

FOR EQUALITY: Protect Workers No Matter What. Family values means all workplaces are free to unionize and are free of discrimination and harassment, and that we are not penalized at work for taking care of our children and families, because nobody should be punished or denied benefits for their personal health choices, who they are, or who they love.  

FOR OPPORTUNITY: Invest in Families for a More Equitable Future. Family values means paid family leave, earned sick time and affordable childcare, because economic security enables all people to fully participate in the economy, improve their lives, and take care of their families. Control over family planning and bodily autonomy -- including the ability to decide whether, when, and under what conditions to become a parent -- is tied to women’s economic security and equal opportunity in society. 

FOR SAFETY: Build Safe Communities Free from Violence and Punishment. Family values means ensuring our communities have the resources to prevent human trafficking, sexual and domestic assault, police brutality, gun violence, mass incarceration, and deportation. It also means communities have support to provide holistic protections for the victims of these tragedies, because everyone – especially our most vulnerable residents – deserves respect, dignity, justice, and safety.

FOR FAIRNESS: Raise Wages and Provide Equal Pay for Equal Work. Family values means all people receive equal pay for equal work and a living wage, because no one should live in poverty, especially working individuals and families. It also means fair promotions that place more women, LGBTQ workers, and people of color in leadership positions, because equal representation matters.

FOR STRENGTH: Build Healthy and Sustainable Communities. Family values means all people – especially young people, people of reproductive age, and LGBTQ people – receive comprehensive sexuality education, medically-accurate, gender and sexuality affirming health care information. All people deserve affordable health care including HIV prevention and treatment services, birth control, and abortion, because taking care of ourselves ensures the health of future generations. 

Sign the platform and show your support for healthy communities where all families are valued. 

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    TN fam--if you're here for the #matriarchy then you're here for the right of ALL families to thrive. Sign today.
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