HB2779/SB2582 is a complete ban on abortion in the state of Tennessee, which allows ANY person, in any state, to sue a healthcare provider or loved one of someone they suspect may have had an abortion. This will allow strangers and neighbors to harass people experiencing pregnancy loss and subject them to depositions, subpoena their private records, and ask them to be a witness in a lawsuit against their loved one or provider. Tennesseans experiencing pregnancy loss should be given appropriate medical care and emotional support; they should not be forced to be involved in a civil investigation that could end up costing their loved ones $10,000.

  • People Will Be Punished For Experiencing Pregnancy Loss. If a person who was known to be pregnant loses their pregnancy for any reason, the cause of their pregnancy loss could become the subject of a civil investigation. They could not only be deposed, have their records subpoenaed, or be asked to be a witness in a trial, but they could also see their loved ones sued for $10,000 and be unable to recover the cost of attorney’s fees even if the judge finds that the loss was not caused by an abortion as prohibited by this bill.
  • People Will Be Forced to Give Birth Without Adequate Care. Black birthing people in Tennessee are almost 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white birthing people, and Tennesseans have higher rates of inadequate prenatal care than the 1 national average. Abortion bans have the most impact on communities of color forcing Black people to give birth will lead to more Tennesseans dying from preventable pregnancy-related causes due to inadequate care.
  • Fear and Stigma Will Prevent People From Seeking Lifesaving Care. People in life-threatening situations who don’t want to subject their loved ones to harassing lawsuits or are unsure of their options will not seek the care they need, or doctors will turn away patients needing essential care because of the fear of being sued. Tennesseans should be able to seek and receive emergency, lifesaving medical attention without the threat of a financially devastating legal process for anyone who helps them.
  • Abortion Bans Do Not Prevent Abortions. Recent data from the New York Times shows that Texas’ abortion ban did not stop people from seeking abortions; it simply forced them to travel to another state to receive care. This law will not prevent abortions and will do nothing to protect life in Tennessee–instead, it will create a culture of fear for pregnant people, people who experience a miscarriage, or people who need abortion care.

This bill is on the calendar to be discussed in the House Health Subcommittee tomorrow, March 15th at 12pm. 

Use the information below to contact members of the Health Subcommittee and let them know you oppose this bill and the dangerous, unintended consequences that will result from its passage.  

House Health Subcommittee Members:

Representative Bob Ramsey (Chair): (615) 741-3560 // [email protected]
Representative Clark Boyd: (615) 741-7086 // [email protected]
Representative David Byrd: (615) 741-2190 // [email protected]
Representative Bob Freeman: (615) 741-0709 // [email protected]
Representative Mark Hall: (615) 741-1350 // [email protected]
Representative Darren Jernigan: (615) 741-6959 // [email protected]
Representative Sabi Kumar: (615) 741-2860 // [email protected]
Representative Pat Marsh:(615) 741-6824 // [email protected]
Representative Paul Sherrell: (615) 741-1963 // [email protected]
Representative Bryan Terry: (615) 741-2180 // [email protected]


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