Take Action TODAY for Abortion Access and LGBTQ Equality

The legislature is in full swing this week trying to erode Tennesseans' bodily autonomy and ability to make our own decisions about our lives and health. Fortunately, together with our coalition partners and allies, we have many opportunities to speak up and show up for each other. Read on and take action today!

On Tuesday, March 7 the legislature will hear the anti transgender bathroom bill in a House subcommittee. Please attend the hearing if you're able. You can RSVP at this link via Tennessee Equality Project. Please also send an email to the subcommittee to express your opposition at this link

On the same day and at the same time, the LGBTQ Erasure bill is also being heard. This bill would mandate that words be interpreted by their original meaning, so excluding same sex couples as being "parents", and excluding transgender and non-binary identities. We also encourage you to attend this hearing for which you can RSVP here. Please also send an opposition email to the Civil Justice Committee at this link

On Wednesday, March 8 the House Health Subcommittee will hear two abortion ban bills at different points in pregnancy. Pre or post viability, the constitution prohibits laws that do not adequately allow physicians to exercise their medical judgment to protect women’s health in all circumstances, which these bills clearly violate. Take action at this link. We are asking folks to call each member of the Health SubCommittee before the Wednesday hearing. 

Also, this Wednesday is Tennessee Women's Day on the Hill. Healthy and Free TN is a proud co-sponsor of this event. Please attend if you are able. Find out more information here. You will make your own lobbying appointments for this event, but please email [email protected] to let us know you're attending and staff will gladly accompany you to your visits. 

Thank you for your perseverance and willingness to keep taking action as we proceed through the legislative session. Expressing your opinion matters! 

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