Decriminalize Abortion, Pregnancy, and Parenting

We envision a world where Tennesseeans are free to birth their children in safe, supportive, healthy, and loving communities free from state violence. A world where pregnant people who want to end their pregnancies can do so with the support of their choosing, without fear of police intervention — whether they see a doctor or self-manage their abortion. Criminalizing abortion care disproportionately harms marginalized communities — such as Black and brown women, queer and trans people, those living in poverty, and disabled people. At Healthy and Free Tennessee, we are fighting to create a world where we are all free to create the families we want without fear!

  • We envision a world without jails and prisons and without family policing systems that separate parents from their children.
  • We envision a world where pregnant people who wish to or need to end their pregnancies can do so in the setting and with the support of their choosing without fear of police intervention.
  • We envision social supports that affirm and support parents in raising their own children in their communities.

Image of 4 Black and brown figures with determined expressions, one pregnant and one with a child. Text reads, "Tell the State to stop policing our bodies and families."

Police, Prisons, and DCS do not keep us or our families safe. Instead these institutions separate us from our communities and harm our adults and children. State lawmakers have already tried to criminalize and penalize pregnancy outcomes including abortion, miscarriage, and birth. 

Tennesseeans deserve freedom from state violence, criminalization, and surveillance. Tennessee needs to take affirmative steps to halt and reverse abortion criminalization, divest from the family policing system including and especially DCS, and support life and family-affirming policies that allow parents to raise their children in safe and healthy communities. 

When we fight to decriminalize abortion, pregnancy, and parenting, we mean an end to abortion bans and restrictions, an end to the surveillance and policing of pregnant people and their pregnancy outcomes, and an end to punishing and separating families. 

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