anti-racist resources

Healthy and Free TN is on an intentional and ongoing journey to disrupt white supremacy and to de-center whiteness within our coalition and in the work we do in our state. We recognize that white supremacy is at the foundation of all of the issues we work against and that our acknowledgment, deep study and unlearning of racism is essential to our ability to do this work and create the communities we all need and deserve. We invite you to join us in this ongoing learning. Below are some resources we've found to be helpful. 


On White Supremacy and White Privilege:


Tools for White Anti-Racist Organizing from Catalyst Project:


Being a Real Ally/Co-Conspirator


Protocols and Principles for White People Working to Support Black Liberation Movement


Culture Shifts




Diversity is for White People


Organizing White People


White Fragility is Racial Violence


Organizational Transformation:

Example of Principles of Unity:

Organizing principles and examples of shifting power

How Oppression Shows up in Organizing Spaces and Organizations:

M4BL Policy Platform


Impact of white supremacy on Black women’s reproductive and sexual health:


Reproductive Justice:


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