Please Share Your Tennessee Stories

Healthy and Free Tennessee envisions a future where all Tennesseans are healthy, have control over our own health-related decisions, and have access to the resources needed to make informed choices about all facets of our health--particularly our sexual and reproductive health, without stigma or discrimination. We know that we have a long way to go to make this vision reality.

From new restrictive anti-abortion legislation creating barriers to care--to the lack of comprehensive sex education in TN schools--to the need and desire of many Tennesseans to have expanded access to alternative birthing options including home birth, midwifery and full-spectrum doula care--to laws that threaten to jail pregnant women struggling with drug abuse rather than provide treatment and support for them and their families--to antiquated policies that treat individuals living with HIV as weapons rather than people--to LGBTQ individuals struggling to find competent, informed, and welcoming health care providers across the state...we have a long way to go and many stories and experiences to share about what we've lived, what needs to change, what we've succeeded in changing, and how we can build our vision together. 

Please share with us your stories.

Once you submit, we'll be back in touch with you about how you'd best like to see your story shared more broadly--whether through blog post, HFTN community newsletter, letter to editor of a local paper, or delivery to your lawmakers. Click the don't post this publicly check box if you don't want your submission to appear immediately on the page for visitors to read. Also no need to include your full name if you'd like to submit anonymously. Your e-mail and other contact information will never be shared publicly and will only be used for us to reach back out to you. If you have any questions or prefer to share your story face to face or over the phone please e-mail me, Allison Glass at to schedule some time.